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Coleoptera, the beetles
Hemiptera, the true bugs
Lepidoptera, the butterflies and moths
Odonata, the dragonflies and damselflies
Diptera, the true flies
Hymenoptera, the bees, wasps, hornets and ants
Neuroptera, the lacewings and antlions
Raphidioptera, the snakeflies
Mantodea, the mantids/mantises
Orthoptera, the grasshoppers, crickets and katydids
Phasmida, the walkingsticks and stick insects
Blattaria, the cockroaches
Megaloptera, the dobsonflies, alderflies and fishflies
Mecoptera, the scorpionflies Ephemeroptera, the mayflies
Dermaptera, the earwigs
Plecoptera, the stoneflies
Trichoptera, the caddisflies and millers
Isoptera, the termites
Thysanoptera, the thrips
Psocoptera, the booklice and barklice
Phthiraptera, the louses/lice Diplura, the two-pronged bristletails
Microcoryphia, the jumping bristletails
Strepsiptera, the twisted-wings
Zygentoma, the silverfish and firebrats
Collembola, the springtails and snowfleas
Embioptera, the webspinners

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HomeWho We Are List of Orders References Contact Us

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Photos at the top of this website are (from left to right): potato beetle (Leptinotarsa decemlineata) — photo credit: Scott Bauer, U.S. Department of Agriculture; ebony jewelwing (Calopteryx maculata)— photo credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; sweat bee (Agapostemon splendens) — photo credit: Natalie Allen and Stephanie Kolski, U.S. Geological Survey; preying mantis, monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus), hellgrammite (aka toe biter) larva and eyed click beetle (Alaus oculatus) — photo credit: Leslie Mertz; Halloween pennant (Celithemis eponina) — photo credit: Kay Meng, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

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