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Order Zygentoma (formerly Thysanura): the silverfish and firebrats — Examples

Firebrat, likely the genus Thermobia, family Lepismatidae, order Zygentoma.
□ Firebrats often show up in a warm humid places, like a bathroom (as this one did!). They are speedy little creatures. Note the three “tails” (called cerci) — one that goes straight back and two others that extend to each side.
Photographed by: Ibrahim Hlwani. Identified by: Location: Cairo, Egypt. Date: 11 October, 2017.
Ibrahim says, “I found it in my bathtub.”
Firebrat (Thermobia domestica)
Firebrat, Thermobia domestica family Lepismatidae, order Zygentoma.
□ The head of this Firebrat is to the lower left. One of its three “tails” (called cerci) is visible at the upper right. They like places where it is warm and moist, so they are fond of bathrooms in houses, and places like boiler rooms in larger facilities. The photographer spotted this one in the emergency room at a hospital.
Photographed by: Lisa Hetchler. Identified to by: Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Date: 3 April, 2019.
Lisa says, “This little guy was very very quick so I couldn’t get a very good picture.”
Firebrat, Thermobia domestica family Lepismatidae, order Zygentoma.
□ Firebrats are often banded, like this one, whereas Silverfish are usually unbanded. Firebrats are smaller than silverfish, and most are less than a half inch (1.2 cm) long. Note: This species is sometimes listed by a different scientific name: Thermophila furnorum.
Photographed by: Stewart Woods. Identified by: Location: Anderson, South Carolina, USA. Date: 8 October, 2018.
Silverfish, order Zygentoma.
□ Apparently the “fish” comes from one of two things: either the teardrop shape of the body, which is kind of like some fish; or the wiggly way they move.
Photographed by: Meem Sarkar. Identified by: Location: Siliguri, India. Date: 15 September, 2017.
Meem says, “I searched more info about it and found that these insects eat books, and the place where I took the photo of it is just beside my stack of books.”
Firebrat, Zygentoma
Firebrat, order Zygentoma.
□ Firebrats are generally banded or sometimes mottled with small dark spots (like this one). See the photographer’s comment below.
Photographed and identified by: Arjan Hasani. Location: Copenhagen, Denmark. Date: 31 May, 2019.
Arjan says, “I identified it through your website. Awesome!” says, “Nicely done, Arjan!”
Silverfish, order Zygentoma.
□ The photographer says he has found Silverfish in both England and Panama, always in the bathroom. That is a favorite spot for these quick little insects!
Photographed by: Lee Koupal. Identified by: Location: Panama. Date: 17 October, 2019.
Lee says, “They are extremely fast. But this one had no where to go as it made its way to the shower and I aced a glass over it.”
Silverfish, order Zygentoma.
Photographed and identified by: Anonymous. Location: Piedmont, North Carolina, USA. Date: 4 October, 2020.
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