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Insect Identification Key
Family Tetrigidae of the Order Orthoptera

Long pronotum
Members of the family Tetrigidae have the characteristic long pronotum, which is evident on these two insects (indicated by green arrows). Both of these insects are different species of South African pygmy grasshoppers. Photo credit: Jon Richfield.

Based on your answers to the questions, you have identified your insect as being in the family Tetrigidae of the order Orthoptera!

Members of this family include: the pygmy grasshoppers.

General characteristics:
A large pronotum is a characteristic of this family. The pronotum typically extends far back over the abdomen.

Many members of the family Tetrigidae have very small forewings that may or may not be easily visible. Therefore, the pygmy grasshoppers often appear to have only two wings. Other than the very reduced (or missing) forewings, the pygmy grasshoppers share all of the other characteristics of their order, which is Orthoptera. To see more examples of the this family, click here.

Kingdom Animalia
   Phylum Arthropoda
      Subphylum Hexapoda
         Class Insecta
            Order Orthoptera
               Family Tetrigidae

For a list of all of the orders in this key, click here: List of Orders.

Oops! If this doesn't appear to be the correct identification of your insect, go back through the key and look more carefully at your insect while answering the questions again. Your perseverance will reward you!

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